Fauna Sauna (Image courtesy Friends FIR Life)By Andrew Liszewski

When you think about it most dogs and cats don’t have much to worry about on a daily basis. Their biggest concerns are probably food, sleep and of course locating that elusive shaft of sunlight they can lay in until a cloud or natrual movement of the sun disrupts their comfort. (Which makes me now realize I would make the perfect pet!)

If you’ve ever felt bad for your dog or cat when the sun does finally disappear a company called ‘Friends FIR Life’ (I kid you not) has developed a device called the Fauna Sauna which will keep the warmth flowing all day and night. Instead of using light to produce the heat the sauna uses infrared rays to directly heat only the object (your dog or cat) lying directly in front of the device. There are apparently many health benefits to infrared heat too but the biggest advantage is that the harmful rays of the sun that can cause burns and other nasty side effects are avoided.

Since it seems people will do anything for their pets I assume the $495 price tag from PetGadgets might seem like a bargain to some. I on the other hand will just open the blinds a bit more.

[ Fauna Sauna ] VIA [ DoggieNews ]