Unlike the joke Crib Dribbler from yesterday, the Pintofeed is a real product that we’d actually like to purchase. It’s a WiFi-connected mechanical pet-feeding device. Once setup, you simply load up the 5lbs or 10lbs compartment with dry food pellets and at the press of a button from your smartphone, serve up a 1/8 cup portion of feed to your loved house companion. Over time, the application will learn your pet’s feeding habits and create an automated feeding schedule. You can even use this information to slowly trim his food intake if you’ve noticed your pet has been packing on a little too much fat.

There are a number of fail-safe features that make the Pintofeed reassuring to own. For instance, you will be notified every time your pet is fed, and if food jams the mechanism, you’ll also get an alert. There are two motors, should one of them fail, and there’s a battery that lasts three months in case the power goes out.

Considering how many products in your home are getting a connectivity upgrade, it’s about time that the lowly pet feeder got the same treatment. Currently, Pintofeed is in the fundraising phase on IndieGogo, and a $99 pledge will secure a June 2013 delivery.

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