By David Ponce

If it has the Ferrari name branded on it and it does anything even remotely geeky, it has to be mentioned. So, how’s a Ferrari projection clock grab you, then?

That’s right, for $200, you can now pre-order a clock that will project the time, along with the Ferrari logo, on a darkened wall or ceiling. You can even set “an exciting Ferrari racing engine as your wake up call”.

There are tons of other features, but you have to come inside for a list of those.

[Ferrari Projection Clock] VIA [NewLaunches]

Okay, so here’s what else it does:

? Projects image of current time and Ferrari logo onto the wall or ceiling of a darkened room.
? Image rotation knob allows you to rotate projected image 180 degrees.
? Projection head tilts 180 degrees to the front or back.
? Continuous image projection with included adapter.
? Image focus knob for manual focusing of projected image.

? Radio-controlled clock and calendar.
? Displays date with month and day of week in five languages; English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.
? 24-hour or 12-hour display format.
? Two minute daily crescendo alarm.
? Either an exciting Ferrari racing engine as your wake up call or a normal beep.
? Eight minute snooze.

? Weather forecast via easy-to-read icons.
? LCD display indicates indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
? Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit format.
? Temperature trend indicator.

? In black and red.
? HiGlo? backlight.
? Takes up to three remote wireless sensors, one is included.
? RF transmission range: 30 meters at sight.
? Splash proof.
? Batteries included.
&3149; 4″H x 6 9/10″W x 1 1/2″D.


  1. Ferrari projectie klok

    Als je ?s nachts te lui bent om je hoofd op te tillen om te kijken hoe laat het is, dan heeft Ferrari een oplossing voor je! Nadat dit bedrijf al eerder producten (zoals laptops, LCD monitoren en MP3 spelers)…