By David Ponce

Radiators are pretty inefficient heating machines. They don’t, for instance, radiate so much as make the wall they’re leaning up against really hot. That’s lost efficiency right there since the heat that went into the wall or even the ceiling right above the radiator is heat that didn’t go into preventing you from freezing. With winter pretty much here, something like this Radiator Booster could prove to be useful. It sits right atop your current heater and hooks up into a wall socket for power. With an internal thermostat, all it has to do it detect when your radiator is sending out heat at 30C degrees or above, then it turn some fans on and shoots the hot air out into the room. It claims to be able to recirculate the air in an average room within 90 minutes. Since it’s not on unless you’re actively heating, the Radiator Booster doesn’t waste any energy idling. And since your room will be more evenly heated, you can turn down your thermostat by 1 to 3 degrees, saving you an average of $225 yearly in heating fees.

The best part is it’s not very expensive, at $40.

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