EGO Compact Submarine (Images courtesy Raonhaje Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Getting your hands on a submarine isn’t as easy as just heading down to your local sub dealership. Unless you’re willing to build your own, or can find a Russian Navy Captain willing to defect with one, you’re kind of out of luck. But not if a company called Raonhaje has anything to say about it! While calling their GEO a bona-fide ‘submarine’ might be a bit of a stretch (glorified glass-bottomed boat might be more appropriate) it provides a similar underwater exploration experience, without the risk of ever plummeting to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

The GEO technically never leaves the surface of the water, but the cockpit is located below the floating hull so while cruising about you always have a lovely view of what lies below. It’s electric powered too, meaning it’s going to be quiet and eco-friendly (relatively speaking) and at full speed (~5 knots) you can expect to get about 4 hours of cruising time on a 6-10 hour charge. Take things a bit more leisurely and you can expect to squeeze about 8 hours out of its 12 x 8-volt batteries. The pricing isn’t readily available on the EGO’s website, which means I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these topped the $100,000+ mark. But compare that to what the U.S. Navy has to pay for their subs, and it’s a downright bargain!

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