Ghostbusters LEGO

Bill Murray’s greatest wish has been granted, assuming that what he wants the most in the world is a LEGO Ghostbusters set. This has been a long time coming, seeing as how the movies were released three decades ago. In fact, the franchise’s 30th anniversary was what prompted¬†Brent Waller to put together a Ghostbusters-themed set, which included¬†minifigs of the Ghostbusters, their headquarters, and of course, the Ectomobile.

Waller posted his project up on Lego’s fan site CUUSOO, where it easily gained the support of over 10,000 other Ghostbusters fans and LEGO lovers. Since it reached the 10,000 mark, LEGO checked the set out and gave it their seal of approval.

Ghostbusters LEGO1


LEGO will be tweaking Waller’s initial designs and the building won’t make it to the final set. But hey, at least we’ll finally have a Bill Murray minifig to call our own. The set is expected to go on sale later this year–wait for it.


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