Finding Lost Golf Balls With The BallFinder SCOUT


the ballfinder scout

By David Ponce

Interesting technology coming from Sandserson Golf. It’s called the Ballfinder Scout, and all it does is help you find your balls (don’t say it, you twisted perv). It’s a little handheld device, that contains a 3.2MP camera, and scans whatever you point it at, in order to find any regular white golf ball.

So long as at least three of the ball’s dimples (that’s less than 1% of its surface) are visible, the device will spot it. It’s able to scan 600 sq. feet per second, so as long as you have a general idea of where you might have lost it, you’ll be able to find it in no time.

Of course, at $260, perhaps it’s better to just buy a lot of balls.

[The Ballfinder Scout] VIA [Xataka]


  1. bought one of these new off eBay. it doesn’t work in the slightest. couldn’t find a ball in the middle of the fairway but still vibrated almost constantly – a complete joke, can’t believe Faldo put his name behind it. when something seems to good to be true, it is.

  2. I have been trying to get my money back for this item for 5 weeks now. The device simply does not work, it is great at finding fallen leaves in the fall though. It was mailed to the wrong address, I was in GA and it was mailed to my legal address in MI even though the packing slip has GA clearly stated as the shipping address. Bad outfit I am looking for someone to report them to. Because I didn’t have the room to cram the Ball Scout in it’s package into my suitcase, I no longer have the original packaging and this presents a problem to Ball Scout apparently, but distributing a totally useless, high priced product, does not bother them at all. Be forewarned and avoid this product!

  3. I’ve just found one in my bottom drawer, I bought it many years ago and it simply doesn’t work. I’ve just tried it to locate a golf ball on my pool table and it couldn’t. If they are still selling these devices DON’T BUY ONE. Golf is frustrating enough without deliberately adding to the grief.