By Luke Anderson

I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve encountered a Hacky Sack. There were a few classes in high school where the teacher was late on a regular basis, so a bunch of us would stand in a circle and kick one around. I always thought they were fun to pass the time, however, someone has decided to turn this simple game into something more extreme.

The Fire Footbag is made from flameproof Kevlar fibers. You soak it in kersosene and set it on fire before kicking it around. Now I’m no scientist, however, there’s something that tells me that there is a good chance this thing will catch everything around you on fire. You can pick up one for $25, fire extinguisher sold separately.

[ Freedom Footbags ] VIA [ Dvice ]


  1. It won’t catch everything else on fire. The thing doesn’t even need to be made out of flameproof material, rags would have worked. The flammability of kerosene is really high, so the fire basically doesn’t want to burn other stuff, it would take energy.

    Just don’t play around really, really flammable objects, and it’ll probably be fine. Shouldn’t burn you at all so long as you don’t catch it and hold it too long, and shouldn’t burn your clothes or most anything. Play in the driveway at dusk (with the car in the garage), and it’ll seem really awesome.