First Pics Of New Zune Line-Up


By Ilya Kochanov

Looks like the boys in Redmond are still pushing forward with their less than stellar media player by cooking up a new design and bumping the capacity to 80GB. The long rumored flash Zune also makes an appearance touting 4 and 8GB capacities. Aside from that awkward looking squarish button in the middle these don’t look half bad.

This is sure to put all 12 Zune fans at ease.

[ First Zune 2 and Zune Flash Shots ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]


  1. iPods are lousy machines… There are plenty of players better than that over hyped hula-hoop. Stop bashing non-apple products just because you fell for the advertising…

  2. I’d buy a Zune if it weren’t for the fact we europeans don’t seem to matter…
    And I like the zune 1 a lot more designwise, did the screen shrink here by the way?