Britain's Largest Home Aquarium (Images courtesy The Daily Mail)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you a Fishtank Friday post, but we’re making up for the long break with a real doozy. After a visit to the Blackpool Aquarium when he was 10 years old, Jack Heathcote, who’s now 37, has had a lifelong obsession with fish which led him to convert the cellar of his Nottingham home into the largest private aquarium in Britain.

The tank measures 12 1/2 feet by 12 feet 8 inches by 7 feet and holds 4,800 gallons of water. When it’s time to change the water, which usually involves replacing about 1,200 gallons, the process takes around 6 hours just to re-fill it. All-in-all the aquarium, which Jack has to clean by literally diving in the tank using an access panel in the living room upstairs, cost him about $8,000 (£5,000) to build. And that probably includes the cost of the actual aquatic wildlife like the 8 stingrays, 2 turtles and large collection of other massive fish that I’m going to assume need more than a sprinkling of fish flakes every day to stay fed.

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