By Evan Ackerman

This confused looking goldfish has a Chumby in its tank. You remember Chumby, right? It’s a little open source widget platform, with WiFi, a touch screen, some USB ports, and a squeeze sensor… It’s designed to become whatever you want it to become. And in this case, it’s become an interactive fish monitor.

The Chumby is attached to some hardware that sits in the fish bowl and measures water conditions to make sure your fish stays healthy. If you’re not going to be around, you can monitor your fish wirelessly with a webcam and have the Chumby dispense food and medication. But it gets better: the Chumby also senses vibrations and noises made by bubbles, and can send the information to other Chumbys in other fish tanks which will reproduce everything, in effect allowing fish to communicate with each other over the internet. And it’s about time, geez… My fish have been complaining about not having internet phone service for years now.

VIA [ Yanko ]