By Evan Ackerman

Yesterday, we posted an article about LaserPup, a DIY remote controlled dog insane-o-tron with an iPhone interface. The piece of hardware that makes it easy for your iPhone (i.e. web app) to control stuff in the real world is called the ioBridge, and now (inevitably) a guy named Pete has rigged it up to control his fish tank, as you can see in the video above.

The ioBridge is a really nifty little device. You can attach it to just about anything (servos, webcams, electronics, sensors) and then control it over the internet with just about anything. The ioBridge doesn’t just deal with the messiness of converting electronics signals into network signals, but it also handles all of the network compatibility and security back-end. It also includes a code-free widget designer to get the project up and running. Sounds easy, and the possibilities are infinite… And the introductory “beta” price of $88 for the base board means you can probably afford one of these just to experiment with. iPod Touch controlled airsoft target range, anyone?

[ ioBridge ] VIA [ Hacked Gadgets ]