Fish USB Hub
By Evan Ackerman

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “what the heck is this? Fish Tank Fridays used to be cool.” Well, this is a USB hub. With fish in it. Again. I can’t help it, people just keep on makin’ these things! And I can only assume that people (other people) keep on buying them. This one has a magnetic paper clip holder on top and four USB ports in the bottom, with 2 fake fish, some LEDs, and…


Sigh. You know what? You’re right. This is NOT a cool Fish Tank Friday. I’m in the mood for something bizarre and random, not a lame fake fish USB hub that holds paper clips. Soooo, how about this:

Fish Tank

More pics, and a priceless description, after the jump.

Fish Tank

If this fish tank isn’t bizarre enough for you, read what it’s supposed to be about:

“At prophase of this experiment, we tracked the movement trajectory of fish that lives in spatial organization. Different from human being’s living space, the fish’s world in the water is relatively freer of gravity restriction. This data of fish’s movement trajectory becomes the initial driving force for our design strategy in maximizing as well as optimizing the usage of limited space. At the metaphase of the morphogenesis design process, the analysis of the trajectory in 3-dimensional space shows a high frequency of fish’s moving around the edges. Hence smoothing edges becomes our experimental objective.”

“At the anaphase, basic vectors of the fish’s movement trajectory are transformed into initial space frame, and continuous fluid spatial organization is created to optimize cubical space. External surface is transfigured in the effort to diffuse the high frequency. In the meantime, the surface is strained inwardly to connect with other surfaces. Consequentially the internal and the external space are dynamically related and create an ambiguous space. At the telophase, the Stereo lithography modeling method is employed to allow the fish to circulate in fluid space, displaying an innovative architectural form.”

As weird as this fish tank is, the description would ruin it for me, if it wasn’t so funny. A lot of questionable modern art displays this ridiculous sort of pretension: if you can describe it with enough big words and vague that people don’t readily understand, they’ll just assume it’s making an important artistic statement, right? “Metaphase of the morphogenesis design process?” Pff. It’s a fish tank with holes (and some clueless fish) in it. It’s neat, and it doesn’t have any USB ports. Let’s just be happy with that.

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  1. Whoaaa… I think I finally wrapped my head around it. (Should I be worried about this?) If I’m not mistaken, the translation should be:

    We watched fishes. They like to be in some places better than in others. We modelled a fishtank whose walls got pushed in where the fishes don’t want to hang around anyhow. Look at the pretty shapes.