By Evan Ackerman

Somehow, an intrepid reef shark on display at a resort in the Bahamas was able to escape her pen by jumping over an 18 inch wide, foot high wall. She landed on an adjacent waterslide (called “The Leap of Faith”) and made it all the way down to the bottom, presumably doing whatever the shark equivalent is of shouting “wheeee!” the whole time. Right before splashdown, one of those automatic thrill-ride cameras snapped the above picture.

Unfortunately, sharks and chlorinated water don’t mix very well, and although resort staff were able to rescue the shark from the pool and return her to her tank, she died shortly thereafter. Oh, and the resort wasn’t open at the time, so there was nobody else on the water slide… But if there had been, this would have taken the concept of “thrill ride” to a while new level.

[ TMZ ] VIA [ Neatorama ]