Bird Fish Tank

By Evan Ackerman

If we keep fish as pets, why can’t fish keep birds as pets? While you’re pondering that, try and figure out who looks more confused in the picture: the fish, or the birds.

VIA [ Neatorama ]


  1. It is cruel because birds need a large aviary and lots of air. There is not enough air for them there. Also it’s nice to give birds branches, swings, etc and to give fish weeds. I don’t like this horrible sterile laboratory look at all.

  2. To the “oh this is cruel” people get a fucking life. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to come off as the anonymous internet asshole, but seriously get a fucking life. I’m sure these birds with the brain of a pea are deeply concerned with their aquatic torture chamber where they are presumably fed, watered, and kept away from all predators. Much worse than in the wild where birds have to find their own food, water and try not to be eaten everyday. As far as the fish. Fuck them, they are just fish.

    All this talk of fish and chicken is making me hungry., off to Long John Silvers.

  3. You guys are all fucking dumb… if you dont like it, shut the fuck up and dont leave a comment and stumble some more, and if you do, then leave a comment. You all fucking suck

  4. I don’t think there is enough air getting in for that number of birds. Not that they will die, but that it will be more polluted and who wants to breathe the scent of their own crap?

    Now for the part no one has mentioned — how do you clean it?! What a mess to haul out a wet tank containing canaries who spook easily and could hurt themselves in the process. Now you have a deep fish tank to also clean. Better get out your snorkel… LOL

    The food dishes for the birds are also quite low. You would need a ladder and long arms to feed and water them. I guess this idea probably won’t be catching on any too soon. 🙂

  5. My parakeet, bungie, would have loved this…
    I would put him next to our fish tank sometimes and all he would do was chase the fish. For hours.
    But ya, I would surly make it a little more natural for both the fish and the bird.

  6. Birds are hard-wired to fear, or at the very least pay close attention to, anything moving near them, especially over their heads. Look at their body language in the picture. This kind of setup would be very stressful for most birds to stay in for any length of time. Whether or not some of you think cruelty is irrelevant, the effect of long-term stress on birds is very predictable – they die. Not exactly desirable.

  7. Very cool, my cats would love this.
    And for the idiots who think the birds are under the water, look more carefully, the top of the bird cage is a grille for air ventilation and is above the water. They get the same amount of air as they would if they were on table.
    It’s just a cool pet display.

  8. “Look at their body language in the picture.” One of them is preening. A stalked/stressed bird doesn’t sit still preening. The others are just looking around–most are looking at the other birds, not the fish; they’re acting like any (unstressed) bird would. The fish don’t go over their heads. Canaries are as close to domesticated as you can get with a pet bird; they can be tamed to sit with humans, no doubt they can get used to fish swimming around them. Fish don’t have the look of predators like humans do. Yeah it’s a terrible cage when it comes to perches, etc, but they’re not stressed because of the fish. It’s most likely just good enrichment.
    I take issue with people implying their small brains make them unintelligent–Alex’s brain was the size of a walnut, but he was just as smart as any young kid with a 1-2 pound brain. =P

  9. Sweet!
    Anyways, to all the nay-sayers, if you look carefully, you’ll see that the TOP OF THE BIRDCAGE IS ABOVE THE WATER SO AIR CAN GET IN. (hmm, my capslock key must have gotten stuck).