Fishtank Friday: MK-84 Fishbomb


FishbombBy Evan Ackerman

If you’ve ever wanted to destroy an ichthyophobia convention, now is your big chance. This is the Aqua Bomb, a six and a half foot tall self contained fish tank manufactured using components from an actual Mark 84 “Hammer” 2,000 pound bomb. The MK-84 is capable of making a crater 50 foot wide 40 foot deep in the surface of your choice, after penetrating 11 feet of concrete. No word on how much the fish will improve the effectiveness of this weapon, but is probably depends on the payload, which in this case (according to the resident OhGizmo marine biologist) consists of a Clown Triggerfish and a juvenile Blue Tang that are most likely fake. The pump, filter, and lighting are all built in, and the Aqua Bomb is available in “seven beautiful powder-coated colors” for just shy of $4,000.

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