Flame Frame (Images courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

It isn’t going to protect your noggin should you end up crashing your motorcycle. In fact, I’m pretty sure it would inflict more trauma and pain in a crash than not wearing a helmet at all. But what it lacks in protection, the Flame Frame helmet more than makes up for with pure awesomeness.

Created by artist Masataka Kurashina the helmet has been cutaway to reveal a wicked flame pattern, pretty much making you feel like the most awesome thing on the road. And we all know the more awesome you feel, the less chance there is of actually crashing right? I’m sure they taught us that during driver’s ed. Available in black or white and signed by the artist the helmets can be ordered through the Japan Trend Shop for a mere $890, a small price to pay to bolster one’s level of cool.

[ Flame Frame by Masataka Kurashina ]