Flappy Bird Playing Robot Is Better Than You



We’d like to think the Flappy Bird mania is dying down, but we’re not sure. Just a couple of days ago we found out that someone had sold an iPad Mini preloaded with the game for $8,000, so crazy people are still crazy it seems. And it’s in the midst of all this craze that we now turn our attention to Liu Yang and Shi Xuekun, two developers from the Shaanxi province of China, who’ve created a robotic contraption that plays the game, and plays is well. Using a webcam, the swing arm of an old hard drive and a stylus, this machine manages to blaze through the pipes like nobody’s business.

The point? Really, there isn’t. This is just a fun project and maybe a demonstration of skill from two guys who claim they took only four days to build and code the whole thing. Check the video out to see how it fares.

VIA [ Walyou ]


  1. I cant believe somebody bought a ipad with flappy bird for $8000. He/She didn’t bother to look on some games that has the same features like Soup Jump that is available now in app store. https://itunes.apple.com/app/soup-jump/id878559764

    Ipad mini is not a collectors item. Flappy birds is a free app when it was released. I cant understand how ridiculous that person is.