Panasonic FlashXpress? Infrared Toaster Oven (Image courtesy Panasonic website)By Andrew Liszewski

What a time to be alive! These days everything from toothbrushes to vacuums have gotten the high-tech treatment, and it’s finally time for the lowly toaster oven to get it’s upgrade.

Using a technology they call FlashXpress? this Panasonic Toaster oven is able to toast bread and heat up frozen pizzas 40% faster than an old-fashioned toaster oven through the use of an infrared light system. The use of infrared also facilitates what Panasonic calls ‘instant heating’ which eliminates the need to pre-heat the oven, allowing you to just get on with the cooking.

The Panasonic FlashXpress? Infrared Toaster Oven is available on the Panasonic website for $119.95 and comes in your choice of white or silver.

[Panasonic FlashXpress? Infrared Toaster Oven] From [Panasonic]


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  4. I have one of these ovens and it makes the very best toast. All other foods, poor to average. Retail price is expensive for a toaster, but I got mine for 1/2 the price with rebates and being on sale from Amazon.

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