Bar Master (Image courtesy Hollywood Gadgets)By Andrew Liszewski

You know there’s nothing really that unique about this electronic drink organizer. The Bar Master holds 500 recipes that are sorted by name, category, occasion and of course ingredients and measurements. It will even tell you what type of glass should be used to properly serve the drink being made.

And to be honest even though the LCD screen looks a little cramped the Bar Master is still probably going to sell well for the simple reason that it’s shaped like a pocket-sized flask. At only 3 inches high and 2 inches wide it can easily be stashed in a jacket or pants pocket and taken to any party, wedding or university lecture.

The Bar Master electronic organizer is available from Hollywood Gadgets for $29.95.

[Bar Master] VIA [Popgadget]


  1. Don’t pay $30 for this thing! I got one in a Christmas stocking from a relative a couple of years ago and have since seen them at Walgreens and our grocery store for $10.

    For that matter, they are pretty crappy in the UI and cntent they hold and might not be worth $10

    But that’s my personal opinion. You may find yoursef in need of a plastic flask that does not actually HOLD alcohol, but teases you with what you could do if you HAD some. 😉

  2. Electronic bartender can mix 500 drinks…

    It’s increasingly getting difficult to get a seasoned and experienced connoisseur cum bartender—Human Resource executives from star hotels will tell you and don’t dare ask them about the loyalty quotient of those who have been recruited recent…