flexible liquid crystal curtain

By David Ponce

The technology behind the Flexible Electronic Curtain by Micro Reactor System isn’t terribly complex, though the technical implementation might be. I don’t know. What it is, as the name implies, is a flexible membrane that you can use as a curtain. It’s filled with liquid crystals, and it becomes opaque when a current is applied.

Of course, as you can probably figure for yourselves, the applications are endless. I’m too lazy to think of any myself, but there you have it.

[Micro Reactor System] VIA [Akihabara]


  1. i think we’ve got something similar in singapore.. our light rapid transit (kind of public trains) have this sort of windows that become opaque whent the train passes by residential apartment flats..

  2. This reminds me of another curtain-esque piece of technology I saw a few years ago. The idea was that glass panes could be made with hollow channels running through them. Because the inside surface of the channels are frosted the window pane would appear opaque in its “normal” state. However, once water (or some other clear liquid) was pumped into the channels, the pane would become clear.

    Certainly not as high tech as an LCD curtain, but a cool idea nonetheless.

  3. They as others have mentioned, they already make doors that can do this. These doors are filled with an inert gas that changes in opacity when you pass a current through it.

    I guess the benefit of this is its flexibility.

  4. In barcelona’s mall “el Boulevard Rosa” they use this on the toilets doors, so you can see it’s free (clear) and as you lock yourself in, it blinds.

  5. This could be ideal for strip clubs. Start with a silhouette of a naked dancing lady, turn on the current, and… Tada! A naked dancing lady!