Have a Koi pond? Then you probably have enough money to buy this $200 Floating Fish Dome. You fill it with water, reverse it and set it on your fancy pond and it provides its inhabitants a dome of water they can swim up in, to take a look around at what’s over the surface. If you’re a fish, it’s a little like peeking inside a black hole, or into another Universe or something. But fish, well… they’re not really smart, are they? Are they going to appreciate the view? Will they even understand what a special thing it is they’re doing? We doubt it; if cats can’t be thankful for the fancy habitat you buy them and instead opt for a stupid cardboard box, what’s a fish going to get out of a plastic dome? So let’s be honest: this is for you, not your fish. This is so you can sit by your pond until a fish swims up, and then point at it while screaming at your annoyed wife to hurry up and come check it out.

It’s on Amazon, but apparently out of stock at the moment.





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