Locomoting about on wheels isn’t always about finding the most efficient method to do so. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun in the process, and the Fliz contraption you see above seems to fit the bill. In one way it’s like a bicycle, only there’s no pedals and no saddle, only a harness and a large u-shape frame from which you suspend. You propel yourself forward by running, and then tuck your feet in for a few seconds, giving the rider a sort of floating, flying sensation. In that sense the Fliz is also like a skateboard. But there is a handlebar and brakes, so at least flying down a hill headfirst doesn’t have to result in immediate death.

It looks like fun, and we want one! But we don’t think there’s any way to buy it. There’s only a prototype, and it’s apparently been submitted as an entry in the James Dyson Award competition. Maybe if it wins and there’s enough interest, it could turn into a real product. In the meantime, you can hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video of it in action.

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  1. It needs a place to put your feet when you lift them. I can see newbies putting their toes through the spokes (especially when their wearing sandals or bare feet.

  2. Pat,

    I stand by what I said yet I will not tell you to shut up. This may look like fun and maybe it is for a minute or two before that harness and position become terribly uncomfortable. There is absolutely no way this thing can catch on, it doesn’t provide a solution to any problem that there isn’t already a better solution to. It has got to be prohibitively expensive to produce given it is made from “glass and carbon fiber laminate”. It looks in the video to be terribly unstable which would make sense since the entire weight of the rider is swinging beneath it. When you try to turn the handle bars you will also be swinging your weight to the opposite side of your desired direction, if you are not careful the wheel will turn to far the machine will go one way you will go another. What happens to the riders neck when the thing falls on its side, a broken neck I should think. Just getting in and out of the thing must take considerable effort. I could go on and on with sound logical reasons why this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Can you defend your position the same way?

  3. I just watched the video again, once that rider takes his feet off of the ground he can’t keep the thing going in anything like a straight line…