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Fohenz Aqua Speakers: Not Too Weird

By Evan Ackerman

Fohenz Aqua

It often seems as though major electronics manufacturers have thrown in the towel when it comes to speaker design, oscillating between conventional and blocky, and totally weird. The Aqua Speakers from Fohenz are desktop speakers that are designed to look different without being over the top. They’re a smooth piano black with silver bases, highlighted by some of those ubiquitous blue LEDs that just scream high-tech. The sub is 3.5 inches, with 2 inch satellite mids. At 6 watts, you won’t be blown away, but you’re unlikely to find sexier speakers for the equivalent of $27. Available only in the Korean market, so far.

[Sexy is relative, I guess. To me, these speakers look as sexy as Hillary Clinton in a thong. -Ed.]