For the most discerning enophile


I once found out that everything has a name, no matter how banal. Fear of being scratched is “amychophobia”. Fear of freedom (!) is “eleutherophobia”.Enomatic wine tap Conversely, such mundane things as the love of flowers is referred to in academia as “anthophilia”. Which brings me to my point, that the love of wine also has a designated term. If the thought of spending more than 24 hours away from your most beloved bottle of wine gives you cold sweats, you’re most likely an “enophile”. Either that, or you should start considering a program with the number 12 in it.

Whatever the case, if you’ve got some money to throw around, you might want to consider this product by Tuscany based company Enomatic. The short of it, is it’s a wine tap. One that keeps up to 16 of your wine bottles fresh for weeks with Nitrogen gas. One with computer programmed volume control, automatic spout cleaning and electronic push button operation with back-lit displays. Nifty stuff…

Kind of makes me want to take up wine drinking. Well… more wine drinking. Well… and getting sort of rich first. And… ah, never mind.

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