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Forget The Flying Car, Personal Jet Wing Now Functional

Forget The Flying Car, Personal Jet Wing Now Functional

Jet Man

By Evan Ackerman

First of all, WANT.

Yesterday, in Switzerland, Yves Rossy made the first official demonstration flight of his jet powered personal flying wing. He was dropped from a plane at 8000 feet and spent 5 minutes flying (horizontally!) over the mountains at speeds of up to 186 MPH before parachuting gently to the ground. The wing itself is 8 feet across, and is powered by four Jet-Cat P200 jet turbine engines outputting 50 pounds of thrust each with a flight time of up to 10 minutes. There’s no integrated control system besides a throttle; Yves controls the direction of the wing entirely with his body. The engines enable him to ascend (up to 1000 feet per minute) but don’t bet on being able to take off from the ground all by yourself. Not that you’ll be getting one of these anytime soon… So far, there’s only the one, and no plans to produce more, and even if there were, you can bet you wouldn’t be qualified to use one.


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