I-WAY (Image courtesy I-WAY)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve got a penchant for racing games, hanging around E3, hoping for a scrap of GT5 news, isn’t the place to be right now. Instead, you’ll want to grab yourself a flight to Lyons, France where you’ll find the I-WAY… arcade? It’s actually kind of hard to describe the place, which took 4 years to design and build, since it houses a spa, conference rooms, restaurants, lounges and even office space. But the real attraction of course is the 18 6-axis simulators featuring full-sized versions of Formula 1, rally/touring and endurance race cars.

I-WAY (Image courtesy I-WAY)

To me it looks like a Chuck E. Cheese for anyone over 21, and since single races start at around $73 (€60) and racing packages run as expensive as $770 (€630) for 10 races, you can rest assured the place won’t be swarming with kids with pockets full of quarters.

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  1. Nice! I once did a Nascar simulator in Chicago that was very similar. Definitely cool and very realistic, right down to the feel of hitting a wall at 180 mph!

  2. There've been plenty of installation racing, and other sim locations around. They've all pretty much passed on, however. There was a Nascar racing place at Universal CityWalk, then there was the Battletech/Red Planet se-up in Pasadena, that was turned into jet sims, and is now… well, I haven't seen it in ages. They're too expensive and out of the way for regular use, and of too niche an interest to make it purely on curious walk-ins.