By Evan Ackerman

Whatever planet the FRED humidifier comes from, the aliens who live there sure do like it humid. Or this particular UFO happens to be powered by a steam engine. Either way, you can take advantage of their futuristic technology and keep your room as moist as a tropical rainforest on Venus. FRED has a 2 gallon water reservoir which boils 1-2 gallons of water per day (depending on whether it’s in economy mode or normal mode) to silently produce fresh, clean steam. It’s mostly plastic, but it’s available in 4 different colors for $99.

So why all of the desk accessories shaped like alien spacecraft? My own private theory is that at some point in the future, all of the humidifiers and lamps and USB hubs will open up and unleash their tiny but fearsome occupants, armed with equally tiny but fearsome laser guns, who will enslave humanity and take over the world in a tiny but fearsome manner. Be afraid, be a tiny bit afraid.

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