Friend of Friends: Mickey Mouse Robot (Images courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

While he’s only available in Japan, this Friend of Friends robotic Mickey Mouse from Sega Toys proves that even at 80 years of age, the mouse is still popular with the youngins. While his range of motions are extremely limited (he can wiggle his nose, blinks his eyes and move his mouth) robo-Mickey can still interact with your kids thanks to a 600 word vocabulary and a collection of touch and sound sensors.

Mickey’s also able to respond to specific spoken commands, and he features an internal clock so that his responses vary depending on the time of day. He can even play games and has the ability to become more “friendly” over time, which makes me wonder if he’s just an ass when you first take him out of the box. He’s available from the Japan Trend Shop for $221, but unfortunately this Mickey only speaks Japanese.

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