From The Road: The Most Snow On Record?



By David Ponce

We’re not quite there yet, but this year’s shaping up to be the most snowy on record. Sure, some Canadian readers live in sunny Vancouver and you might be tired of hearing me harp on this. But up here in the East Coast, the picture ain’t so pretty. The snow IS the news.

Any of you have horror stories like this? Pictures? Send them to ogcontests at the gmail dot com and I’ll post them up.


  1. Here in norway. (Sounds awesome) I had to dig my way out of the front door and tunnel my way to school. then they close english schools for a few Centimetres of snow. Pff. wusses.

    6 months later I’m sitting on the beach 500 metres away from my house dieing in temperatures of 25 degrees celsius plus. I love norway. πŸ˜€

  2. I used to live on cote des neiges right across the street from mont royal park. Now Im in Minneapolis where we only get about half the snow now. Thumbs up for global warming.