GPS WatchBy David Edney

If any of you out there workout like crazy and wouldn’t mind another gadget on your body, the FRWD GPS watch is for you. The unit includes a FRWD Recorder which contains the GPS chip, a wrist display, armstrap, re-player PC software, USB dongle, heart rate transmitter belt, battery charger and 4 rechargeable batteries. You wear it on you sweating self and can watch the stats live on your wrist display. Alternatively, you can get the software to transmit the stats to your phone via Bluetooth. Now, there are many other GPS type workout products out there, but the FRWD records direction of travel, altitude, pitch angles, heart rate, and afterwards gives you a complete readout. With that you can jog like Rocky and it will show that you actually ran up the Museum steps. I wonder if you could hack Google Earth and link it?

[ FRWD ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]


  1. Check out this quote from the website……It records- route, speed, distance, heart rate and RR heart rate, altitude, pitch angles, air pressure and temperature….so I’m assuming it does record distance and time to? Hope that helped.