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Fujitsu Laptop4Life Program Gives You A New Laptop Every 3 Years, Forever

Fujitsu Laptop4Life Program Gives You A New Laptop Every 3 Years, Forever

By Evan Ackerman

Fujitsu computers is launching a program called Laptop4Life, that does just that: buy one of their Lifebook laptops, and then every 3 years, you’ll be able to get a brand new model, absolutely free. The only attached string seems to be that you need to buy the 3 year extended warranty (and you can only upgrade using Fujitsu parts), but otherwise, you’ll just need the original receipt and your old laptop in “good” condition. The new laptop you get will have the same value as the one you originally bought, plus 10% to cover inflation, but the big draw is of course the updated hardware and software that you’ll get with the new system. And you can keep on doing this until you die, although Fujitsu does stipulate that you can’t pass the Laptop4Life program on in your will.

I have no idea why why Fujitsu is doing this, but who am I to punch a gift horse in the mouth… They say that they’ll make money by selling you services and accessories, but I can’t see how that could possibly cover the cost of one new laptop, much less thirty (I plan to live a looooong time).

The smart thing to do (if you have faith that Fujitsu will last as long as you do) would be to buy their highest end system, which looks pretty decent. I personally have no experience with Fujitsu, but this program is making me seriously consider their stuff. Maybe I’ll buy three Lifebooks over three years, and then just keep on rotating ’em out for a new one every year…

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