Full Moon Odyssey Floor Pillow (Image courtesy i3 Lab)
By Andrew Liszewski

With the future of the U.S. space program in question, there’s a pretty good chance that any of you reading this post will not have the opportunity to set foot on the moon in your lifetime. And to be brutally honest here, this giant ‘Full Moon Odyssey’ floor pillow is definitely not ‘the next best thing.’ But if you have a soft spot for the celestial objects that hang in the sky above us, and don’t mind a 5-foot wide circular pillow in the middle of your floor, i3 Labs’ designer Lily Suh has created the perfect room adornment for space enthusiasts.

Created with 26 hi-res images of the moon’s surface, the pillow not only provides a striking view of our lunar companion, but admittedly also looks pretty comfortable. Comfortable enough to justify its $1,970 price tag? Maybe if you have NASA’s budget at your disposal.

[ Full Moon Odyssey Floor Pillow ] VIA [ designboom ]