Funai & Nippon's Touch Sensitive Projector (Image courtesy Tech-On!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Funai & Nippon's Touch Sensitive Projector (Image courtesy Tech-On!)Well here’s an interesting advancement in projector technology. Funai and Nippon were showing off a jointly-developed micro projector at CEATEC last week that allows users to interact with the projected image by simply touching a secondary display.

Based on the technical illustration, the projector appears to use a mirror and a beam splitter to create two separate projections. The larger of the two is thrown onto a screen for everyone to enjoy, while a second smaller one is created near the projector where the operator is presumably sitting. Using a sensor the projector can detect changes in light intensity on the second projected image, allowing it to determine where a finger is positioned. From there, the position and even motion of the finger can be used to zoom and rotate the projected image.

Of course the projector is still a concept at this point, but Funai and Nippon believe the technology could be commercialized as early as next year and would be a far cheaper alternative to large touch panels.

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