Game of Thrones Phone Stand

Who knew you could make something this awesome from styrofoam, cocktail swords, foam tape, and lots of hot glue? A dude who goes by the username of tumb1r was bored one day, so we he went and made a miniature iron throne for his phone using the stuff we mentioned earlier. Okay, so he wasn’t actually bored, because he set out to make one from the get-go, but what he did here is nothing short of impressive.

Hit the break for pictures of the mobile iron throne while it was in the making.

Game of Thrones Phone StandA


Game of Thrones Phone Stand B

Game of Thrones Phone Stand C

Just imagine how much more awesome the iron throne stand would be if it has a built-in charger. A GOT-inspired dock for my phone? Yeah, I’d definitely want one.

You can check out the full gallery on Imgur.

VIA [ Neatorama ]