Oregon 550 & 550T (Images courtesy Garmin)
By Andrew Liszewski

Digital cameras have finally invaded the world of handheld GPS units with Garmin’s new Oregon 500 & 550T models, though given the popularity of geo-tagging these days, it’s a pretty obvious synergy. Both the 550 & 550T feature an integrated 3.2 megapixel autofocus digital camera, a sunlight-readable touchscreen display that’s also glove friendly and a 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass that shows your heading even while the unit isn’t being held level. They’re both powered by a pair of rechargeable AA NiMH batteries which are good for about 16 hours, and each model is of course waterproof.

The Oregon 550 is priced at $499.99 while the 550T model, which comes preloaded with 100K topo maps for the entire U.S. in a 3D elevation perspective, is $599.99.

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