GEAR4 BlackBox (Images courtesy GEAR4)
By Andrew Liszewski

While silver and white have made tremendous inroads in the gadget world, I still prefer black when it comes to my electronics. So needless to say I’m quite fond of this BlackBox portable speaker from GEAR4. And while you might consider the hidden LED graphic EQ to be the icing on the cake, I’m actually more impressed that it uses an A2DP bluetooth connection to stream music from your phone or iPod (which requires an extra bluetooth sender dongle of course.)

The BlackBox from GEAR4 is a super-stylish Bluetooth stereo speaker system that combines exceptional audio performance and cutting-edge design. It features a hidden LED display that comes to life with your tunes and touch screen controls, so that nothing detracts from its elegance and minimalist style. With its distinctive deep gloss finish the BlackBox will fit perfectly into any room of the house. Mobile phone compatibility is assured via its firmware upgrade feature – simply link the speaker up to your computer to download the right profile for your mobile.

It’s currently available directly from the GEAR4 website for about $210 and includes a remote control and custom carrying case.

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