GEAR4 Pocketloops (Images courtesy Gear4 & The Unofficial Apple Weblog)
By Andrew Liszewski

It was originally shown off at CES in private demos from what I can tell, but GEAR4, maker of the iPhone UnityRemote, has teamed up with MIDI accessory maker Novation to produce the Pocketloops keyboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The keyboard works in conjunction with a free app (and by ‘free’ I of course mean the cost is rolled into the Pocketloops’ $69.99 price tag) that allows aspiring Daft Punks and Chemical Brothers to finally create their own bleep bloop masterpieces without needing any musical knowledge whatsoever, save being able to keep a beat.

Users can layer up to 16 different loops at one time taken from the app’s library of sound effects, complete with mixing capabilities and the ability to add rudimentary filters. It hasn’t popped up on the GEAR4 website just yet, nor has the Pocketloops app made an appearance in the app store, so availability is still TBD.

[ PR – Turn your iPhone into a music studio with GEAR4 and Novation’s Pocketloops ] VIA [ The Unofficial Apple Weblog ]