By David Ponce

Much as it’s quickly becoming a great platform for gaming, your iPhone (or any touchscreen-only smartphone) still lacks fundamental controllers that anyone who grew up gaming has become accustomed to. There’s just something intrinsically annoying about having to touch a screen instead of joysticks; gaming isn’t the same without the feedback you get from feeling that button under your thumb. To address this issue, the iControlpad connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone (or any of a long list of devices) and gives you traditional, physical buttons. There’s six face buttons, a D-pad, two analog nubs and two rear buttons. Finally, there’s an accessory that allows you to attach your device to the iControlpad so that you have a single gaming unit.

Of course for this to work, your chose game has to allow control via the iControlpad. Fortunately there are tons of these and to find out if your favorite one is supported, just check out the links at the bottom. It’s $75 and is currently in stock.

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