By Jonathan Kimak

I’m really not up to date on the clubbing scene in North America(due to a total lack of dancing skills and an unwillingness to pay $6 per shot), let alone the scene in Britain and Rotterdam. So I had no idea that a dance floor that generates power has been out for over a year in Rotterdam and recently made it to the UK.

As the graphic above shows you, the dance floor absorbs the movement of the dancers and uses springs and crystals to create piezoelectricity, which powers the bar. The British eco-friendly club is called Surya and is in the King’s Cross area of London. It was built by property developer Andrew Charalambous (who also goes by the moniker Dr. Earth) and his company Club4Climate.

The floor is not the only method the club uses for power as it has wind turbines and solar cells. Any excess energy will be transported to private homes in the area.

[ Club4Climate ] VIA [ Engadget ]


  1. Also, I have heard of keystrokes being converted into electricity. Al Gore must be behind all of this to enhance his carbon-credit empire.