Oh art… It’s easy to poke fun at things we don’t understand and it’s fair to say that the art world is about three dimensions away from anything we’d normally be able to relate to. That said, everyone likes a steamroller, especially one that plays the Star Spangled Banner. So we’re giving Dave Cole’s year-old creation a nod. It’s called ‘The Music Box’, and as you can see, is made from a modified steamroller.

Commissioned by the Cleveland Institute of Art and developed in partnership with Ohio CAT, [‘The Music Box’] sees the american artist dismantling a 22, 000 lb steamroller in which he refabricates more than 80% of the machine–though still maintaining its identifiable physical qualities–transforming it into a fully functioning musical box, and at a fraction of its original weight. Built onto the front of the compactor is an acoustical cabinet made from cherry wood.

Like most art, it’s trying to say something. In this case it’s this: “his mammoth-sized music box is a metaphor for what dreams can become, and how quickly they can be crushed.” Cheerful. And how does it sound? You’ll have to hit the jump to hear for yourselves, but we feel it’s something like what a sad, giant clown might hammer out on a broken xylophone.


VIA [ NoPuedoCreer ]