Remember flip-books? You know, that old school stack of papers that you flip through with your thumb to reveal an animation? The GIF-TY from designer Jiho Jang is a digital camera that integrates a Zero Ink printer and produces flip-books. Set it to record between 1 and 5 seconds, shoot your clip (burst-mode style), and print. Just like that the device will print a long strip of images (at what framerate, we’re not sure, but presumably not very high) that you will have to cut (or tear off) and stack into a pile. It’s a little time consuming, sure, and maybe irrelevant for some in an age of fullHD video capable smartphones. But if that’s your hangup, you clearly don’t get GIF-TY and that’s fine. But even if you’re already lusting to get your hands on one, you can’t. It looks like there’s only the one prototype at the moment, with no word on eventual availability.


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