The Kawasaki Ninja 250 is a fine bike, if a little middling. But with Brasse’s modification kit, you can transform it into something considerably more unique.

It comes complete with two gullwing headlamps, a drag speedometer, a new rear fender assembly, right & left component/cover panels, plus options like a quick-release passenger seat, replacement right and left lower fairings, and a side-mount license plate bracket.

“When not in use, the passenger seat is stored on the front of the bike – locking in place with a double slam-latch mounting bracket. When it’s time to give someone a lift, simply unlatch, and slide the parallel 13-inch solid steel rods back into the frame and pin-lock in place.” This gives you the ability to go from a streetfighter look to a passenger-carrying one in seconds. It’s $1,695 for the kit, which happens to include all the tools for the transformation, so you can do it yourself.


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  1. I ordered the 31BLK kit from Joshau Brasse. It’s going on 3 months and it has yet to be shipped. There are other people who’s complaining about his website Ideacious regarding orders. Hopefully I will either receive the product I ordered or get a full refund if Joshua Brasse is too busy and can’t fulfill my order. Through my dealings with him he seems like a stand up guy but has yet to come through.

  2. I received the kit and done putting it on my bike. It looks amazing. Joshua answered all my questions promptly and went far beyond. Boy was I wrong. I love this kit and so does everyone else who sees it in person. Check out my video of it on Youtube.