By Evan Ackerman

Bluetooth GloveDesigning electronics interfaces must be a huge pain in the ass. Everybody wants teeny tiny cases, but huge displays and easy to use buttons. A potential solution might be to separate the interface from the device entirely, which is what the Control Glove takes a step toward. Using contacts on the fingers and thumb, the glove is able to control bluetooth capable devices through different combinations of finger taps and snaps. The glove itself is made of nylon, with the bluetooth electronics on the wrist.

Although the designers of the glove say that its most immediate use would likely be for console gaming (obviously), it’s fun to think long term… I’m imagining an MP3 player, sorta like an iPod shuffle, except with inductive charging, and Bluetooth for the Control Glove, music transfers, and headphones. With no need for buttons or plugs, it could be made very small and nearly indestructible. Heck, it could even be implantable. Then you could have the Control Glove hardware implanted into your fingers (or your arm, for that matter) and some implanted bone conduction audio emitters. [Forgive Evan, he’s been given a bad batch of some toxic substance or other, and his imagination is running wild. Hippie… -Ed.]

Now, if only someone would develop a viable sunglasses HUD, we’d never have to carry electronics around again.

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