By Evan Ackerman

“Vitrik.” That’s the name of the patented coating that allows the Nottage G-1 pool table to be a pool table. Made of toughened glass, the table’s surface with the Vitrik coating on it mimics the rolling resistance of felt, meaning that although it looks like you’re just playing on glass, the balls behave as though they’re on a regular felt surface with slate underneath. The rest of the table looks slick but is built entirely to competition specs, with the possible exception of a rather creative ball return system.

The G-1 pool table is also available with a frosted top that can be lit from below to make the entire surface softly glow. The base price of the table is about $25,000 which, while it seems like a lot, is apparently not too terribly expensive compared to other high quality pool tables. Video showing the ball return system, after the jump.

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