As far as pick-me-ups go, waking up in the morning to a visual reminder that a good chunk of the world will one day be under water is about as good as it gets. The Global Warming mug uses heat sensitive paint that shows you just which parts of the world are likely to end up underwater once the planet gets hot enough. Which it will, since we’re pretty much cooking the crap out of it. Looks like Florida’s a goner, along with most of the Eastern sea board and… is that Panama there in the middle? In any case, for $19, it could make an awesome gift for that Global Warming Denier in your circle…

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  1. Geeeh! Isn’t that awful! In a couple of hundred years or so, some people will have to move…. Oh well, I’m over it.

    I have had to move a dozen times in my life. Big deal! So what? And who cares if some fat cats lose some overprice real estate. Trump already made his profit.

  2. Not a couple thousand year, try like the next 50 years. It’s not going
    to be normal moving either, it will be forced relocation, FEMA camps,
    only no one really has the resources to take care of you so they will
    let you starve in a blood bath of fear and desperation.