Bear Sleeping Bag

You might’ve heard about French artist Abraham Poincheval and how he spent 13 days living inside a taxidermy bear for his performance art piece. Now you can sort of do the same with the Sleeping Bear Bag by artist Eiko Ishizawa, who first debuted it back in 2007. Now seven years down the line, the sleeping bag is now available for purchase, although only seven of them will be available.

You won’t be able to live inside it, but you can sleep in it and it looks way more comfortable than Abraham’s living quarters. The entire sleeping bag is handmade from its fake nose and fake teeth.

Bear Sleeping Bag1

Bear Sleeping Bag2


The artist explains:

This work is inspired by the news in Bavaria, 2006 about a bear, which escaped from the Italian side of the Alps to the Bavarian side. He evoked huge discussion among people and government whether they should kill or leave him alive. In the end, he was hunted down. This bear was generating many different ideas and emotions in people as illusions in reality by just crossing the borderline between countries. To recreate such incident, I made an object with the realistic look of a bear, which modifies sleeping bag functionality. By hiring this connotation of outdoor goods, this work depicts the contradictive relationship between admirations and love of mankind toward wild nature, and the boundaries that we rarely brake.

The adult version costs $2,350 while the kids’ version costs $2,050. Oh, and don’t worry, no bears were harmed in the marking of these sleeping bags.

VIA [ LikeCool ]