Spending hours at the gym is for chumps. If you want to look ripped, at least at first glance, pumping iron isn’t the most efficient way to go. No, these muscle suits from Flex Design Constumes will get you looking like a Greek God in the time it takes to put them on, and that’s the kind of efficiency we can get behind. Hand-made and airbrushed for a natural look and feel, these suits come in various, uh, sizes: lean, standard, super, giant, and mega muscle suits. If ‘mega’ isn’t beefy enough, you can apparently ask for a custom build that might push you up to ridiculous proportions; maybe you’re going for that Incredible Hulk look… There’s an option to add veins, for even more realism. But of course, when it comes to quality hand-made items, you’re going to pay a premium. The Lean Muscle Suit starts at $919, and prices go way up from there, to $3,499 for the “Mega” suit. For that amount of money you could probably get some psychotherapy to help you figure out why you would want to spend $3,500 on a fake muscle suit, but hey, we don’t judge.


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