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Goodbye Showering, Hello Fire Truck Baths

Goodbye Showering, Hello Fire Truck Baths

Fierce Fire Truck Design FunBath (Image courtesy American Standard)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m still a little upset I missed out on the whole ‘race car bed’ fad when I was growing up. But damned if I’m going to let the opportunity to bath in a fire truck pass me by! American Standard has created a series of ‘funbaths’ that easily install over regular bath tubs making them more… um… fun.

This version, the Fierce Fire Truck, features a built-in hand shower, a polished chrome handrail, self-leveling feet and a raised designed that makes it easier for parents to bathe their kids and harder for adults to use it while keeping some shred of dignity. Not something that’s gonna stop me though. But what will is the $2,199 price tag. There’s also a Pretty Princess Castle version that sells for the same price, and a customizable flat panel version that’s a bit cheaper at $1,799.

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