It’s important to keep things in perspective. Sure, you didn’t get the laptop you wanted last Christmas, or the house that you thought you’d be living in at age 40. But things happen. That’s life, and the only thing that’s constant about it is that it keeps moving. So move along with it.

Sometimes people can be so wrapped up in work or with some trivial thing that they forget to look at the big picture and enjoy. If you know someone who’s currently at that stage in their lives, then give them the gift of adventure. Send them the GPS Adventure Box and give them the break that can change their current outlook.

That’s not how the GPS Adventure Box is being marketed, but that’s one creative (and very meaningful) way to use it.

The GPS Adventure Box is essentially a gift box that gives the recipient clues on where they’re supposed to go. Otherwise, further location cues won’t be provided, and they won’t be able to open the box to get to the present that’s within it. The box is equipped with an Arduino microcontroller, a GPS unit, an SD memory card, and an LCD screen where the textual clues are displayed.

The recipient must go to multiple locations (as many as the giver wants) before it will open. The giver uses the Route Planner tool on and creates a destination list that is loaded onto an SD memory card, puts the SD card in the slot (inside the box), some fresh batteries and the actual gift in the box, and gives it to the recipient. The hints or clues can be as simple or difficult as the giver wants.

The GPS Adventure Box is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $40 will get you one of your very own.

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